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Gelat.OG Autoflowering Seeds

A stable and easy to grow Gelato x OG Kush Autoflowering hybrid.

Gelato OG Auto

The Gelato Cannabis strain has become extremely popular over recent years, loved for its creamy flavor and smooth, rich aroma.

Itself a hybrid strain combining Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, it has been crossed with a top-performing OG Kush Autoflowering male. This has creating these potent and powerful Gelat.OG Autoflowering seeds, with all the flavor, aroma and effects of both highly-popular strains.

Whether you’re an experienced grower, or just starting out, you’ll find it hard not to be impressed with the ease and speed at which these feminized Autoflowering seeds grow. Once germinated they will simultaneously develop and flower over  a period of approximately 11 weeks.

Unlike traditional feminized Cannabis seeds, Autoflowering strains do not require long hours of daily darkness to flower and mature. Due to the inclusion of the Ruderalis gene, the plants bud and ripen, regardless of the number of daylight hours they receive. Making them a perfect choice for growing outdoors from the end of Spring and throughout the Summer months.

Requiring little care or effort, Gelat.OG Autoflowering seeds have become very popular with ‘guerrilla’ growers across the world. The ease and speed with which they mature has made them so easy to cultivate, they are often referred to as ‘throw-and-grow seeds’.

Perfect for close-quarter growing techniques such as the Sea-of-Green method, the seeds can be successfully cultivated indoors or outside over the Summer months. Expect small, squat, dense plants that require little room to grow. Outdoor plants can grow a little taller and larger, producing slightly bigger per-plant yields.

An excellent strain for all levels of experience, quickly and easily producing sweet-flavored, aromatic buds without the time, effort or skill growing traditional feminized Cannabis seeds can require.

Gelat.OG Autoflowering Strain.

Sweet flavored buds with that deliciously aromatic, spicy OG aroma. It’s hard to fault these easy-to-grow Cannabis seeds. Whether you choose to grow indoors or outside, your almost guaranteed to produce a fast, successful harvest.

The buds are hard and dense with orange colored pistils and a heavy, generous coating of resin. High THC levels of up to 25% induce an uplifting, euphoric high, leaving you feeling relaxed and happy. A perfect strain for daily use, as well as socializing with friends.

With good conditions indoor growers can achieve between 400 – 500 grams of dried, top-quality buds per square meter. Cultivated outdoors over the Summer months, plants grown using the Sea-of-Green method can produce up to 800 grams per square meter.

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