CBD Critical Mango

CBD Critical Mango

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Mango Kush SeedsCBD Critical Mango is a popular medical marijuana strain, producing dense buds with a fruity mango aroma. Its resistance to colder temperatures makes it a perfect choice for both the outdoor and indoor grower, while its easy to grow characteristics require little care or previous experience to cultivate a good quality crop.

Grown indoors CBD Critical Mango seeds generate dense bushy plants, perfectly suited to Sea-of-Green and topping techniques, producing large, swollen buds and generous harvests. All seeds are feminized, guaranteeing a  pure and stable female plant every time.

Topping and pruning the plants can increase the overall yields, alternatively, planting the seeds close together and reducing the vegetative times also works well, insuring the best yields possible. Harvests of 400 grams of dried buds per square meter are easily attainable using either growing methods.

If you enjoy dense buds, with an intensely fruity aroma and flavor, you’re going to love growing and reaping the rewards. Averaging 9 weeks to mature indoors,these easy growing seeds require little care or attention.

CBD Critical Mango produces a relaxed and happy feeling, leaving the user feeling contented and sociable. THC and CBD levels averaging 6% producing a relaxed feeling that’s enjoyable without being overpowering, great for day-time use and enjoying with friends.

CBD Critical Mango is enjoyed across the USA and is a firm favorite in many medical marijuana dispensaries. You can grow your own by purchasing them online here, and with every seed guaranteed to produce a pure female plant, and assured delivery, nothing could be more simple.

Available to buy in packs of 5, 10 and 25 feminized Mango Kush seeds.

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