Northern Lights Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Seeds

Northern Lights Autoflowering Seeds

The classic Cannabis strain just got easier to grow.

Northern Lights Auto

Autoflowering seeds have become more and more popular over the last decade, with a wide selection of strains now available. Fast and easy to grow, they are perfect for outdoor growers of all levels of experience. If you’re considering growing Cannabis in Canada, especially outdoors, Autoflowering seeds and strains are the perfect choice.

Northern Lights Autoflowering seeds produce small, squat plants with similar characteristics to the well known feminized Cannabis variety. An Indica dominant strain, it produces large, dense, colorful buds with a heavy coating of thick resin.

Easy to grow, Northern Lights Autoflowering seeds are perfect for cultivating both indoor, and outdoors. Given good conditions and plenty of long hours of sunlight, the plants will quickly grow, flower and completely mature, regardless of the number of daylight hours they receive.

The plants remain short and compact with close branching. Flowering begins after the third set of true leaves have formed, regardless of the time of year, and will require a further 55 – 60 days to grow, flower and completely mature.

A strong, vibrant plant, Northern Lights Autoflowering plants grow to between 80 – 150 cm tall. Discreet and easy to disguise, they can be cultivated outdoors during the Summer months. Indoor growers will find the strain perfect for Sea-Of-Green indoor cultivation methods and techniques.

Yields are impressive for an Autoflowering strain and dependent upon conditions. On average, given long hours of strong, direct sunlight, Northern Lights Autoflowering seeds can produce approximately 500 grams of high quality Cannabis buds per square meter. Outdoor plants can generate up to 200 grams each, given warm, Mediterranean conditions.

Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

An Indica dominate strain, it generates a euphoric, relaxing high. Perfect for night-time use. It can leave you feeling tired and sleepy, often inducing ‘couch-lock’ in light-users. Perfect for relaxing and night-time use, it can help to combat the effects of insomnia.

Enjoy THC levels of up to 23% and a CBD content of 0.5% from these easy to grow Autoflowering seeds.

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Choose from 1, 3, 5 or 10 Northern Lights Autoflowering seeds per packet.

Northern Lights

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