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Sour Jack Seeds

Combining two highly popular varieties into 1 ‘kick-ass’ strain.

Sour Jack Feminized Seeds

Our Jack feminized cannabis seeds have been created from two highly popular strains, Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, and contain some of the very best traits and characteristics from both sets of parents. The dominant 70% Sativa genes produce a tall, but easy to grow plant, that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques.

Considered an easy to grow strain, all our recommended Sour Jack cannabis seeds are completely feminized, guaranteeing that every seed purchased produces a high quality pure female plant. Grown indoors, or outside, the plants will need twelve hours of regular, uninterrupted daily darkness to commence and complete the flowering cycle. Allow approximately nine weeks for the plants to achieve complete maturity.

The blend of both Sativa and Indica within Sour Jack produces a relatively tall plant with multiple budding sites. Expect the classic ‘Sativa-stretch’ as the plants begin to flower, but with dense, Indica-like buds covered in resin. Grown indoors under a controlled environment, the plants yield approximately 500 grams of high quality buds per square meter. While outdoors, each plant can average 300 grams, given enough space and good conditions.

Although Sour Jack cannabis seeds are a Sativa dominant strain, the effects are a combination of the recreational Sour Diesel and the medicinal Jack Herer. Very relaxing and great for reducing pain, the strain has an average THC content of 16% together with a 0.2% CBD level producing a clear, long-lasting high and gentle euphoria.

If you’re looking for a heavy-yielding, balanced cannabis hybrid, we highly recommend these Sour Jack feminized cannabis seeds. Easy to grow, requiring very little previous experience or special care, you can quickly, easily and cheaply produce your own high quality cannabis buds, both indoors, or outside during the growing season.

Shipped directly from Crop King, Canada’s leading producer and supplier of high quality cannabis strains, all the seeds are completely feminized and available in a variety of pack sizes, 5, 10 and 25 seeds, with huge discounts on larger orders.

With a first-class customer care team, and the guarantee of the best cannabis available, click below to learn more and buy Sour Jack cannabis seeds.

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Sour Jack Seeds

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