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Thin Mint Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Self-flowering minty phenotype from the Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Thin Mint Autoflowering Seeds

With a perfect balance of both Indica and Sativa, Thin Mint Autoflowering seeds offer an easy way to grow your own top-quality weed. A phenotype from the award-winning Girl Scout Cookies variety, with the addition of the Ruderalis gene, this Autoflowering strain is fast to mature and easy to grow. The perfect choice for all levels of experience.

Autoflowering seeds do not require long hours of undisturbed darkness to bud and ripen. The addition of the Ruderalis gene enables these plants to grow, flower and mature under any number of light-hours. Over an average, 10-week cycle from sprouting, these plants will be ready for harvesting.

Growing Cannabis outdoors in Canada can be difficult. The shorter growing season and fast onset of Winter, do not provide the right conditions for the buds to fully develop and mature. Autoflowering plants perform best, when subjected to the maximum number of light-hours possible. Planted in late Spring, you’ll be harvesting your buds before the end of Summer.

Many indoor growers enjoy the benefits of cultivating Autoflowering seeds. Set your lights to run an 18-on, 6-off cycle for maximum growth, yield and quality. Plants off all ages can be placed together, requiring only a single room to supply a regular rotation of fresh, high-quality Cannabis buds.

With no set vegetative period, Autoflowering plants do not grow as tall, or large, as traditional feminized seeds can produce. With good conditions and plenty of strong light, mature heights can reach up to one-meter tall. The 50/50 blend of both Sativa and Indica, give Thin Mint Autoflowering plants a squat, bushy structure, with plenty of budding sites.

Simultaneously growing and flowering over an average 10-week period, the harvests come fast and easy with Autoflowering seeds. Big pots, good quality soil and nutrients, together with a little knowledge and you’ll be harvesting up to 200 grams per square meter indoors. Or up to 300 grams per-plant outdoors, over the Summer months.

With identical genetics to the award-winning, original feminized strain, the buds share the same flavor’s, aroma’s and effects. A strong, minty smell, mixed with a sweet-herbal spiciness. This flows through into the taste, generating a smooth smoke with its own unique, but well-known, flavor.

With strong THC levels of 20%, together with a 2% CBD content, Thin Mint Autoflowering seeds appeal to both recreational and medicinal users alike. Well known for its uplifting, creative high, it can help to reduce stress and anxiety, pain and inflammation and stimulate the appetite in chemotherapy sufferers. A great strain for daytime and early evening use.

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Thin Mint Auto

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Thin Mint Autoflowering Seeds

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