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Wembley Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Heavy yielding strain producing dense, crystallized buds.

Wembley Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Wembley Autoflowering Cannabis seeds are one of the latest, new hybrid strains, now available from Crop King. A very easy-to-grow plant, it excels when given long hours of light, generating large, crystal coated buds and heavy harvests. A great strain for growing indoors, perfect for all levels of experience.

Autoflowering seeds produce some of the fastest, easiest Cannabis harvests. Unlike traditional strains, both the vegetative and flowering cycles are combined, producing a plant that grows, flowers and matures, regardless of the number of daylight hours it receives.

With such a short growing season in Canada, outdoor growers often choose Autoflowering seeds, as the best way to generate good quality harvests. Hardy and resilient, they can produce some of the fastest maturing plants, offering an array of flavor’s, aroma’s and effects.

The Wembley Feminized strain is a popular, 80% Indica-dominant variety, created from Bubblegum and AK-47. With the inclusion of the Ruderalis gene, these feminized, autoflowering plants, produce buds with identical traits as the original strain. The benefit to growers, is the ease and speed at which they ripen and mature, making growing your own Cannabis quicker and easier, than ever before.

Planted outdoors, from the middle of Spring, Wembley Autoflowering seeds require approximately twelve-weeks from sprouting, to fully mature. Despite Canada’s short Summer and growing season, generating good quality Cannabis cheaply and quickly is possible with the right Cannabis seeds.

The plants grow to a maximum of a meter tall, with a squat, bushy appearance, multiple strong branches and budding sites. The buds are typical Indica, large and dense, with a thick, generous coating of resin. Yields vary, depending on sunlight strength and light-hours, but with a little care and attention, each plant can generate large, heavy harvests.

Many growers now buy Wembley Autoflowering seeds to cultivate indoors. The squat, dense plants are perfect for producing fast, Sea-of-Green harvests, requiring little previous knowledge or attention. By maintaining a constant 18/6, on-off light-cycle, plants of all ages can be successfully cultivated together within a single growing room.

Once dried and cured, the buds have a sweet flavor and aroma, offering traces of the original Bubblegum flavor. THC levels of 13%, aren’t the highest, inducing a gentle, relaxing ‘body-buzz’ sensation that’s comforting, without being over-powering. Great for early evening use, it can stimulate creative thought and conversation.

CBD levels of 1% ensure the effects are balanced, offering a light euphoria and feelings of relaxation. Medical benefits can include reducing stress, anxiety and depression, combating insomnia and stimulating the appetite. The Indica dominance can also reduce chronic pain and inflammation, reducing the effects of arthritis.

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Wembley Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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