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White Widow is the Amsterdam Coffee-shop classic. Powerful and with a long-lasting high.

White Widow Cannabis Seeds Canada

White Widow is a Cannabis strain originally developed in The Netherlands by a Cannabis seed-breeder called Shantibaba and is well known for its abundance of white trichomes and high potency.

White Widow has been reported to leave the user with a relaxed feeling. It, like most Indica Marijuana and Cannabis varieties, is an appetite enhancer. However, being a cross between a sativa and indica (60% Indica, 40% Sativa) it also has the sativa quality of mood enhancement – bringing on an interest in activities one may not normally enjoy.

The variety won the Cannabis Cup in 1995, and White Widow grown in Amsterdam is known to contain up to 20% of the active ingredient THC.

White Widow buds are covered in trichomes, giving it an almost snowy look. It is a compact plant of medium height. The buds only develop a few amber-colored hairs, but the high crystalline resin production of this plant has become well known.

White Widow is a strain that is relatively easy to grow and has a good resistance to mold, great in colder climates. The original was created using a pure Sativa land race from Brazil, pollinated by an Indica-hybrid from southern India.

White Widow seeds produce short, strong plants that are 60% Indica dominant with a 40% Sativa influence. This genetic blend produces a powerful strain capable of growing between 80 cm – 120 cm tall, returning an average of 400 – 500 grams of incredibly strong Marijuana buds per square meter.

White Widow Cannabis seeds are perfect for beginners and the more experienced grower alike, very forgiving of mistakes, these Cannabis seeds are capable of growing to their maximum potential both indoors and when grown outside, requiring 60 days of flowering to fully flower and mature.

Well known for it’s strength, and with a fruity – sweet flavor, White Widow has an average 18% THC level which provides a powerful body buzz and social high.

White Widow seeds are feminized, meaning every seed germinated will grow into a female Cannabis plant. These seeds are all included in the suppliers delivery and germination guarantee.

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White Widow Seeds

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