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Yumbolt Autoflowering Seeds

A heavy-yielding Indica, fast and easy to grow.

Yumbolt Autoflowering Seeds

An exciting addition to our collection, Yumbolt Autoflowering seeds. An Indica dominant strain with dense, heavy buds and potent yields. If you’re considering growing Marijuana in Canada, these are a perfect choice.

Created by crossing the popular Humbolt Feminized strain with a top-performing Ruderalis, the resulting seeds are stable and feminized. The buds are identical to traditionally cultivated Humbolt buds, with an enticing aroma of sweet and spicy fruits and pine.

Autoflowering seeds differ from traditional feminized strains in the way they grow and flower. Instead of separate vegetative and budding cycles, Autoflowering plants grow and flower simultaneously, almost from sprouting. This dramatically reduces the time the plants require to fully mature.

Traditional Humbolt Cannabis seeds require a period of vegetative growth before they begin to flower, which requires a further 8- 10 weeks. These Yumbolt Autoflowering seeds will grow, bud and completely ripen over a 9 – 10 week period from sprouting.

With no requirement for set hours of daylight or darkness, Yumbolt Autoflowering seeds can be planted outdoors from the end of Spring and cultivated over the Summer months. Allow the plants as many hours of strong, direct sunlight as possible to achieve the biggest and best quality yields.

Combining both vegetative and flowering cycles, speeds up the time from germination to harvest, but also reduces the size of the plants. With no set growth-phase, they reach heights of less than 1 meter when fully mature.

Yields are smaller, averaging approximately 350 grams per square metre when the plants are grown close together, such as the Sea-of-Green cultivation method. Their easy growing nature and fast, autoflowering capabilities make them an ideal choice for growing outdoors in Canada.

Yumbolt Autoflowering Seeds

A powerful Indica dominant strain with a THC content of approximately 24%. The effects are a ‘full-blown’ relaxed body-buzz which can leave many light smokers couch-locked. A great choice for the evening, helping to reduce stress, anxiety and chronic pain, while assisting restful sleep.

Thick resin covers many parts of the plant, making the trim perfect for use in edibles and concentrates. A fast and easy Marijuana strain to grow with a potent and powerful high. Surprise yourself at just how quick growing Marijuana in Canada can be with these perfect Yumbolt Autoflowering seeds.

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Yumbolt Autoflowering Seeds

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