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Autoflowering Seeds

Zkittlez Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Indica dominant hybrid with a sweet, fruit candy flavor.

Zkittlez Auto

The last in our alphabet of Autoflowering seeds for sale, but by no means one to be forgotten. Zkittlez Autoflowering seeds are an automatic form of the hugely popular Zkittlez strain, offering the same fruity flavors and aroma’s, together with that all important high.

An Indica dominant hybrid, created from Granddaddy Purple crossed with a delicious Grapefruit strain. The offspring have then been crossed with a high-quality Ruderalis to enable Autoflowering traits and characteristics.

Ruderalis is a wild form of Hemp, found growing naturally in northern parts of Russia. A relation to Marijuana, it contains little if any THC, and is considered of no value to either recreational or medicinal users. It can however, flower under any number of light hours and at any time of the year.

Many of the most popular forms of Feminized Cannabis seeds have been crossed with Ruderalis to create the new generation of Autoflowering seeds. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, the plants grow and flower simultaneously, almost from sprouting.

Planted outdoors from the end of Spring, these Zkittlez Autoflowering seeds will grow, flower and completely mature over a period of just 10 weeks. The plants are small, squat and dense, growing to a maximum of 1 meter tall.

Yields are smaller than those produced by traditional feminized Cannabis and Marijuana seeds, but the ease and speed at which these plants grow and mature, makes producing your own buds easy.

Autoflowering seeds are one of the few varieties of Cannabis or Marijuana that can be successfully cultivated outdoors in Canada. It’s becoming more and more popular to grow Zkittlez Autoflowering seeds indoors. Set your lights to an 18/6 on-off cycle for the biggest and best quality harvests.

Zkittlez Autoflower Seeds

Zkittlez is a hugely popular Marijuana strain, loved for its sweet, fruit-flavored buds. An easy strain to grow, it requires little care or attention to produce a high-quality crop. Close-quarter growing techniques, such as the Sea-of-Green method can help to produce the biggest harvests.

The buds are dense and hard, with a thick resin coating all over the plant. Potent and powerful THC levels induce a very euphoric high, leaving you feeling uplifted and energized. A perfect all-round strain, it can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, while providing a positive mental boost.

A very easy Marijuana strain to grow, producing delicious buds with an uplifting high.

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Zkittlez Autoflowering Seeds For Sale

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