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Auto 2.0 Mixed Seeds

The fastest producing and easiest marijuana seeds to grow.

Auto 2.0 Mix Pack Seeds Review
Autoflower 2.0 Mix Pack Seeds

Strain: Jack Herer Bubblegum OG Kush

Plant Type: Autoflower

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Auto 2.0 Mixed Seeds

For the fastest producing and easiest marijuana seeds to grow, it has to be autoflowering seeds. A popular choice for outdoor, guerrilla and lesser experienced growers, the Auto 2.0 mixed packet offers three of the best auto strains, all feminized and guaranteed to germinate, producing pure, autoflowering female plants, requiring very little care or attention to produce a high quality harvest.

Autoflowering seeds are perfect for growing outdoors. Requiring no set hours of darkness, they grow, flower and mature over a period of approximately 60 days. Perfect for generating harvests throughout the Summer months.

Bubblegum Auto – Fast harvests of candy tasting buds. Seedling to harvest in under 2 months.

Jack Herer Auto – 2 months to grow, flower and mature, producing exceptionally strong medical grade marijuana buds.

OG Kush Auto – A fast-flowering version of the classic OG Kush, with all the characteristics of the original.

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Autoflower 2.0 Mix Pack Seeds

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