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Purple Kush Seeds

Pure Indica Variety with purple buds, fast-flowering and great for outdoors.

Purple Kush SeedsPurple Kush marijuana seeds are a pure Indica strain, created in California from a Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. Highly popular for their strong, potent effects, the purple colored buds offer excellent bag-appeal with an aroma and flavor similar to fresh grapes.

A versatile strain, it can be cultivated either indoors or outside, given warm temperatures and a sunny climate.

Completely feminized, Purple Kush can be cultivated outdoors, or within a purpose built growing area. It responds well to the Screen-of-Green techniques, with a reduced height, close lateral branching and bushy nature.

Available in feminized form, each seed is of the highest quality, guaranteed to germinate, creating the strongest, most vibrant female plant.

Purple Kush performs well outside and is a popular choice for many outdoor growers. Its hardy, Indica nature gives it a natural resistance to many issues and problems faced by marijuana growers, including, bugs, pests and mites, molds and common root diseases.

Planted in the Spring, the plants will mature ready to harvest during the later part of September, while indoor growers need only wait between 7-8 weeks for the plants to completely ripen.

A pure Indica variety, yields are not as large as some hybrid strains, but can easily produce 14 ounces of high quality buds per square meter when super-cropping techniques, or Screen-of-Green methods are employed.

Outdoors the plants grow squat and bushy, with several large buds usually produced. Yields will average 8 ounces per plant outdoors, when grown over an entire season in a warm, sunny climate.

Purple Kush marijuana contains high levels of THC, approximately 22%, while the low 0.1 CBD content can cause a strong ‘body-stoned’ effect. Deeply relaxing, and often used as a night-time smoke, it can relieve stress, tense and anxiety, assisting rest and sleep, while stimulating the appetite and reducing pain.

Purple Kush feminized marijuana seeds produce visually stunning plants, producing colorful purple buds with a sweet, grape flavor. Easy to grow and adaptable to most growing methods and styles, they are popular with both indoor and outdoor growers regardless of their level of experience.

Now available online, you can buy Purple Kush marijuana seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 25 seeds, all sold with stealth postage and packing, as well as guaranteed germination included in the price.

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Purple Kush Seeds

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Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds

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