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Bruce Banger Feminized Seeds

Popular Sativa dominant strain with a long-lasting high.

Bruce Banger Feminised

Bruce Banger Feminized Cannabis seeds have become of Seedsman’s most popular and highly sought-after strains. Now available in a choice of packet sizes, you can grow your own potent and powerful buds for a fraction of their retail cost.

Created from a mix of an Original OG Kush and a top-performing Strawberry Diesel, every seed is completely feminized. A stable and vibrant strain with a Sativa dominant pedigree.

Highly adaptable, Bruce Banger Feminized seeds can be cultivated indoors, within a purpose-built growing area. Or outside during the growing season. A moderately easy strain to grow, it can be forgiving of many common errors and mistakes often made by new and inexperienced growers.

As with all conventional Feminized Cannabis seeds, the vegetative and flowering stages are separate and defined. While the plant receives 12 hours of daylight or more per day, it will grow and develop. As the daylight hours reduce below 12 per day, the plants will begin to flower.

On average, Bruce Banger female plants require between 65 – 70 days in flower to fully ripen and mature. In warm, Mediterranean-style climates, 10 weeks in flower may not be a problem. However, with the cold night-time temperatures and damp air, growing Bruce Banger indoors in Canada produces the best quality and biggest yields.

A highly adaptable strain, the plants can be successfully cultivated using a wide selection of growing techniques. Its Sativa heritage produces tall plants with long branches and large buds. Indoor growers are advised to use the Screen-of-Green growing method and advanced cultivation techniques to enhance the total harvest from their crop and avoid any height issues in the later stages of flowering.

An easy to grow Sativa strain with a potent, powerful high.

Bruce Banger Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

A generous lady, Bruce Banger Feminized seeds produce above average yields of dense, hard buds. Experience and techniques such as topping, bending and super-cropping can all help to improve the total harvest.

The sweet, fruity flavored buds are covered in thick resin, with that classic diesel-fuel aroma. THC levels average between 15% – 20%, with a low CBD content.

A fast-acting smoke, its effects are felt almost instantly with a potent, powerful high. Once the initial rush has been subdued, you’re left with a happy, euphoric sensation, very stimulating and highly creative. The perfect strain for enjoying throughout the day, leaving you feeling positive and energized with a contented sensation.

With good environmental controls and a small amount of previous experience or knowledge, growing Bruce Banger Feminized Cannabis seeds can be fun, fast and very rewarding.

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Bruce Banger

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