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High THC Collection Feminized Seeds

High THC Cannabis Seeds Mix

If you like your Cannabis super-strong, this is the collection for you. Three of the most potent and powerful Cannabis strains, brought together into one mixed-seed packet.

All three of the selected strains are hybrids, created by crossing two popular varieties. Completely feminized, every seed is guaranteed to produce the finest female Cannabis plant, capable of generating successful harvests and an abundance of flavor-filled buds. Find out more…

The White OG Feminized

The White OG Feminised

The OG Kush strain is hugely popular with both growers and smokers around the world. A powerful and potent Cannabis strain, it has produced several phenotypes and countless hybrids.

The White OG Feminized is one of those strains. Discover the ultimate in OG phenotypes with these pure female seeds. Find out more…

Strawberry Banana Feminized

Strawberry Banana Grape Feminised

Strawberry Banana Feminized Cannabis seeds are a Sativa dominant strain with an explosion of fruit flavors. Completely stable, every seed is guaranteed to produce a pure female plant.

If it’s intense fruity flavored buds you want to grow, these Strawberry Banana Feminized Cannabis seeds are a perfect choice. Both indoor and outdoor growers can enjoy impressive yields of potent, Sativa dominant buds. Find out more…

Peyote Zkittlez Feminized

Peyote Zkittlez Feminised

One of the new and exciting strains available from Seedsman. These Peyote Zkittlez Feminized Cannabis seeds have become extremely popular with recreational users across the USA. A strong, stable hybrid. It incorporates the genetics of a number of high-quality strains, producing sweet, fruity-flavored buds with a high THC content and long-lasting effects.

THC levels of 20% insure a fast, hard-hitting effect. Great for night-time use, it quickly relaxes the body and mind, reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Find out more…

Peyote WiFi Feminized

Peyote WIFI Feminised

These Peyote WiFi Feminized Cannabis seeds are one of the latest ‘Peyote’ hybrids available from Seedsman. A unique, underground strain. It combines the classic Peyote Purple, with WiFi, itself a hybrid of The White and Fire OG Cannabis strains.

A strain known for its natural pain relieving qualities, it is becoming very popular within the medicinal Cannabis community. It can help reduce arthritis and inflammation of the joints, as well as combating insomnia. Find out more…