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Short flowering period producing large, dense buds.

Early Girl Feminized Cannabis SeedsOne of the very latest Feminized strains from Crop King Seeds, Early Girl is a fast-maturing plant, producing huge buds and generous harvests. Created from a combination of Afghan and North Indian Indica’s, crossed with a top-class Mexican Sativa, they are easy-to-grow, hardy and resilient. A great choice for all levels of experience.

Adaptable to a variety of growing techniques, from simple ‘pot-culture’ through to fully-automated, hydroponic systems. The plants can cope with cooler, night-time temperatures better than many other varieties, giving growers the option of outdoor planting over the Summer months.

A combination of 75% Indica, 25% Sativa genetics produces squat, bushy plants with very close branches. An ideal candidate for Sea-of-Green cultivation techniques. The leaves are large and broad, deep, dark green in colour. Pruning of the lower sections is recommended during flowering, improving air-flow and reducing humidity.

After a short vegetative period, send these plants to flower. Cultivated outdoors in warm, sunny climates, Early Girl Cannabis seeds can grow large and bushy, especially over the course of a growing season. An abundance of large, dense buds can be generated from a single plant. Yields vary depending on vegetative time and growing conditions.

A very popular choice for indoor growers across Canada and USA, once the plants are sent to flower, they require just 7- 8 weeks to fully ripen and mature. This short maturity period, combined with planning and experience, can allow for an extra crop to be harvested over a twelve-month period.

Indica-dominant genetics produce large, dense buds with an earthy, hashish aroma. Thick, sticky resins covers the buds, as well as a large proportion of the leaves, making it an ideal choice for making edibles, oils and concentrates from. The flavours are sweet, with a citrus tang, leaving a slight earthy, spicy after-taste.

A great strain for late afternoon and early evening use, the effects are a pleasant mix of relaxation and uplifting euphoria. Not so ‘heavy’ they make you tired and sleepy, but not too energizing, keeping you awake with inspiration and creativity. Perfect for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the evening ahead.

When it comes to easy-to-grow plants with generous harvests of resin-coated buds, Early Girl Cannabis seeds are the perfect choice. Choose from packs of 5, 10 or 25 seeds, with big discounts on larger pack sizes.

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Early Girl

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Early Girl Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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