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A potent hybrid Cannabis strain with a delicious ice-cream flavour.

Ice Cream Breath Feminized Cannabis SeedsIce Cream Breath is one of the latest, feminized Cannabis strains from Crop King Seeds. A hybrid plant, created from Ice Cream Cake and Grateful Breath, it offers large, generous harvests and refreshing, mouth-watering flavor’s. Enjoy a fast, euphoric ‘high’ combined with a relaxing, pain-reducing ‘body-buzz’. New, top-quality feminized Cannabis seeds for sale.

Feminized Cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for growing indoors, or outside, over the Summer months. A vegetative period of growth is required, before sending to flower. With no male chromosomes, each seed is guaranteed to produce a pure female plant, capable of producing high-quality buds and harvests.

Combining both Sativa and Indica genetics, the plants grow to a reasonable height, averaging between 1 – 1.5 meters tall, when fully mature. Grown indoors, flowering requires between 8 – 9 weeks. While outdoor cultivated plants are ready to harvest around early October, but will require a warm climate to fully ripen.

With good environmental conditions and strong lighting, Ice Cream Breath can produce heavy, high-quality yields.

The buds have a sweet vanilla and earthy aroma, quite subtle, but very appealing. With training, the plants quickly produce a thick, even canopy, with multiple budding sites. Yields can reach up to 550 grams per square meter indoors. With outdoor plants capable of generating over 500 grams each, given a warm, sunny climate.

Mature buds display elements of both Sativa and Indica characteristics. Dense and colorful, with thin-bladed leaves, coated in sticky resin. Flavor’s are similar to the aroma, offering a sweet inhale, with a subtle vanilla after-taste. A great strain for those looking for a smooth smoke and gentle flavor.

With THC levels of up to 20%, and a low CBD content, Ice Cream Breath is considered a recreational Cannabis strain. The effects are fast-acting, quickly inducing a happy, euphoric sensation that can be uplifting and creative. As this begins to subside, it’s replaced by a soothing, pain-relieving ‘body-buzz’, leaving you feeling relaxed and stress-free.

Although the CBD content is low, the strain can have a medicinal benefits when used in moderation. Mood swings, stress and anxiety can be reduced, helping creating a more positive mental attitude. As well as reducing chronic pain, inflammation and insomnia.

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Ice Cream Breath

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Ice Cream Breath Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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