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Ruby Cookies Fast Cannabis Seeds

Indica dominant strain with fast harvests of high-quality buds.

Ruby Cookies Fast Marijuana Seeds

If you’re looking for quick harvests and fruity-flavored buds, Ruby Cookies Fast Cannabis seeds are a perfect choice. One of the latest additions to our collection, easy-to-grow and capable of producing generous harvests of high-quality buds.

Our collection of Fast Cannabis seeds from Crop King have been specifically bred for their fast-maturing characteristics. Back-crossed to incorporate the Autoflowering gene, they grow and flower like a traditional Feminized seed, producing high-quality harvests in the shortest amount of time.

Completely feminized, each seed germinated will produce a pure-female plant. Once sprouted, the seedlings require between 18 – 20 hours per-day of strong, direct sunlight to achieve maximum growth and development. This is known as the vegetative stage and should be continued until an even canopy fills the growing area.

Ruby Cookies Fast Cannabis seeds are an 80% Indica dominant strain that remains true to its genetics. The plants are short and squat, producing close, strong branches and a multitude of future budding sites. It responds well to advanced growing techniques, including; super-cropping, bending, topping and pruning.

Although the strain contains a small amount of the autoflowering gene, it grows and matures in the traditional way. Flowering requires a reduction in light-hours, running a standard 12/12, on-off cycle. Expect an almost instance bud-explosion, with the plants requiring between 7 – 8 weeks to reach complete maturity.

Redwood Kush Fast Cannabis seeds are easy to grow, requiring only a small amount of knowledge or previous experience to successfully cultivate. The short flowering period of between 6 – 7 weeks, is quicker than most Cannabis strains, with no loss of quality or quantity.

Ruby Cookies Fast Version Cannabis Seeds.

Despite its fast-flowering cycle, Ruby Cookies produces generous harvests of high-quality buds. Dense, hard and coated in resin, enjoy yields of between 400 – 600 grams per square meter when cultivated indoors. The plants can be cultivated outdoors, but require a warm, sunny climate to produce a successful harvest.

Mouth-watering and flavor-filled, Ruby Cookies has a sweet, fruity taste with hints of grape, fruit juice, cherries and lime. With a small amount of knowledge, care and attention, even a novice grower can produce a successfully harvest of high-quality buds.

THC levels of 20% induce a fast-acting ‘high’, inducing a boost of positive mental energy and euphoria. The strains Indica influences quickly begin to relax the body, easing the aches and pains of daily life.

Ruby Cookies Fast Cannabis seeds has several medicinal qualities, reducing stress, anxiety and depression. A perfect choice for the end of the day, stimulating the mind with positive thoughts. The buds can also assist in reducing chronic pain and inflammation, including arthritis, increasing the appetite and aiding restful sleep.

Now available online, you can buy Ruby Cookies Fast Cannabis seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 25 feminized seeds. Enjoy discreet shipping and guaranteed delivery to all parts of Canada when you buy Cannabis seeds online from Crop King..

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Ruby Cookies

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Ruby Cookies Fast Marijuana Seeds

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