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Redwood Kush Fast Cannabis Seeds

Fast flowering, easy to grow strain with powerful effects.

Redwood Kush Fast Marijuana Seeds

Redwood Kush is quickly gaining popularity with indoor Cannabis growers across Canada. A 60% Indica-dominant variety, it’s completely feminized and guaranteed to produce pure female plants. Now available for sale online, grow your own potent, powerful buds from these Fast Cannabis seeds.

One of our latest additions, Redwood Fast Cannabis seeds grow, flower and mature quicker than most traditional feminized Cannabis strains. Once germinated, they require a vegetative period, before reducing the light-hours to begin flowering.

Indica-dominant genetics produce squat, bushy plants with strong, close branches and multiple budding sites. Perfect for indoor growing methods, Redwood Kush Fast Cannabis seeds produce their biggest harvests when cultivated using the Sea-of-Green, or Screen-of-Green cultivation techniques.

Once the plants have reached a sufficient size, the photo-period should be reduced to a standard 12/12 on-off cycle. Flowering begins quickly, requiring between 6 – 7 weeks to achieve peak ripeness. As maturity approaches the buds emit a strong skunk-style aroma.

The plants Indica-dominance produces tight, dense buds, covered in a thick coating of resin. Once dried and cured, skunk aroma’s combine with a sweet-pine taste, producing pleasant flavors and subtle smells.

Redwood Kush Fast Cannabis seeds are easy to grow, requiring only a small amount of knowledge or previous experience to successfully cultivate. The short flowering period of between 6 – 7 weeks, is quicker than most Cannabis strains, with no loss of quality or quantity.

Redwood Kush Fast Version Cannabis Seeds.

With good growing conditions and sufficient vegetative time, Redwood Kush can produce between 350-600 grams per square meter. They can be successfully cultivated outdoors in warm, sunny climates, producing between 400-650 grams per plant.

A popular strain with recreational users, Redwood Kush has THC levels of between 19-26%. Despite its Sativa content, the ‘high’ is predominantly Indica, inducing a fast-acting ‘body-buzz’ sensation with deeply relaxing effects. Light-users may quickly find themselves in a ‘couch-locked’ state.

The sedative effects are best enjoyed in the evening, reducing stress and anxiety, inducing a more relaxed mood. The low CBD content of approximately 0.52% may not appeal to medicinal users. However, it may be useful in reducing pain and inflammation, improving sleep patterns and stimulating the appetite.

A highly recommended Fast Cannabis strain with powerful, long-lasting effects. Enjoy quick, high-quality harvests and an abundance of potent buds at the fraction of their retail costs.

You can buy Redwood Kush Fast Cannabis seeds in packets of 5, 10 or 25 feminized seeds. Enjoy fast, discreet shipping from Crop King, one of Canada’s leading seed banks. Find all the help you may need to produce your own successful harvest, with a choice of secure payment options.

Now available online, buy Redwood Kush Fast Cannabis seeds in Canada.


Redwood Kush

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Redwood Kush Fast Marijuana Seeds

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