Badazz Cookies OG Feminized

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Badazz Cookies OG Feminized Seeds

Indica dominant hybrid, perfect for extracts, concentrates and edibles.

Badazz Cookies OG Feminised

These Badazz Cookies OG Feminized Cannabis seeds are a complex, 3-way hybrid incorporating some of the tastiest, mouth-watering flavors. Enjoy swirling tastes of diesel fuel, lemon, chocolate and cookie dough, all wrapped up into the tightest, most dense, nugget-like buds possible.

Completely Feminized, the seeds are guaranteed to contain no male chromosomes. Stable and of the highest quality, they will produce the finest female plants. Not the easiest Cannabis strain to grow, we recommended growers have at least a small amount of knowledge and previous experience before cultivating these seeds.

Incorporating the Badazz Cannabis strain, together with Cookies Kush and a top-performing OG. This hybrid strain contains 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genetics. Normally, Indica dominate strains can handle slightly cooler night-time temperatures. However, due to the density of the buds, these plants are susceptible to mold when cultivated in colder conditions.

Badazz Cookies OG produces its best harvests when cultivated in warm, sunny climates with plenty of air-flow. Indoor growers can prune the lower leaves and branches to improve air movement around the buds, reducing the chances of mold in later flowering.

Given good growing conditions, care and attention, Badazz Coolies OG can produce generous yields of rock-solid buds. The plants can grow exceedingly tall, reaching up to 300 cm when given ideal, outdoor conditions. Indoor growers are advised to use Screen-of-Green cultivation techniques, eliminating future height issues, improving the overall total yield.

A strain well-known for its increased resin production, it has become a favorite for making edibles, extracts and concentrates from. Generate high-quality harvests of up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. While outdoor growers with a Mediterranean-style climate can generate between 600 – 800 grams per plant.

Badazz Cookies OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

For those growers with experience and a good quality indoor set-up, growing Badazz Cookies OG Feminized Cannabis seeds in Canada can be highly rewarding. A short vegetative period is recommended before setting your lights to the standard 12/12 flowering cycle.

Complete maturity requires between 65 – 70 days, producing hard, dense buds with a spicy chocolate and lemon diesel fuel aroma. THC levels of between 15% – 20% induce a Sativa style high, inducing a long-lasting, happy euphoria.

Unlike many Indica dominate strains, Badazz Cookies OG doesn’t induce ‘couch-lock’. Instead it generates more of a relaxed but uplifting sensation, perfect for day and night-time use. A highly recommended strain for growers with a small amount of skill and previous experience.

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Badazz Cookies OG

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