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Amnesia Fast Feminized Seeds

Quick to mature strain with strong powerful effects.

Amnesia Fast Feminised

These Amnesia Fast seeds are the product of a collaborative breeding program between Seedsman and Soma. Crossing a top-quality Amnesia with a secret hybrid, these new and exciting Cannabis seeds are a mix of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica genes.

A potent and powerful strain, Amnesia Fast Feminized seeds produce plants similar to the original Amnesia strain, but with a higher THC content and increased bud production.

A highly adaptable strain, it can be successfully cultivated indoors or outside during the growing season. Each seed is completely feminized, guaranteeing pure female plants, devoid of all male chromosomes.

Given enough room for the roots to grow without restriction, Amnesia Fast plants can grow tall, reaching up to 150 cm when fully mature. Indoor growers are advised to use techniques such as topping, bending and low-stress training to help reduce height issues and increase the overall yield.

A conventional Cannabis strain, it requires a small amount of vegetative growth before being sent to flower. During this stage, try to develop an even canopy of future budding sites.

Flowering times are fast, especially for a Sativa dominant strain. Cultivated indoors under good conditions, allow between 50 – 55 days for the plants to completely ripen and mature. Outdoor growers will harvest towards the end of September.

With the cooler night-time temperatures, growing Amnesia Fast outdoors in Canada can be challenging. Best harvests are produced when the plants are cultivated indoors.

Amnesia Fast Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Jointly created by Seedsman and Soma, Amnesia Fast displays many of the characteristics and features as the original Amnesia strain. The buds are large and dense, covered in resin, with a fruity flavor and slightly floral aroma.

An easy to grow strain that requires a small amount of care and attention to generate potent, high-quality buds. THC levels are impressive, producing between 20% – 23%. The high is fast-acting and long-lasting, striking a nice, clean balance of both Sativa euphoria and a relaxing Indica body-buzz.

Loved by commercial growers across the world, Amnesia Fast Feminized seeds can produce between 550 – 600 of potent, high-quality buds per square meter. Enjoy heavy yields of fruity flavored buds in super-fast times.

A perfect strain for both day and night-time use, it can ease pain, reduce stress and create a pleasant, long-lasting euphoria. Highly recommended for growers of all levels of experience.

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Amnesia Fast

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