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If you’re looking to buy Marijuana seeds in Canada online, we have one of the widest selections of top-quality strains. Find ‘old-school’ classics such as White Widow, Afghan and Northern Lights. Or check-out some of the new, popular releases such as Wedding Cake, Zkittlez and Blue Dream.

We have Marijuana seeds for sale online from two of the world’s best seed banks. Both Crop King Seeds and Seedsman provide direct shipping to all parts of Canada, using the very best ‘stealth’ shipping and packaging processes.

Looking for a specific strain from one of the many legal, registered breeders around the world? Not a problem. Both seed banks offer their own, high-quality Marijuana seeds for sale, as well as collections from some of the most famous breeders; including Sensi Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds Company, Barney’s Farm and many, many more.

With a wealth of top-quality seeds and strains, from all the most respected producers, you’re sure to find the best Marijuana seeds for your needs. Buy recreational or medicinal Marijuana seeds online from two of the best seed banks in Canada.

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Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Canada?

With the legalization of Cannabis and Marijuana on October 17, 2018, all adult residents in Canada could legally possess limited amounts in public. Changes also allowed for up to four plants to be cultivated per-household. Legalizing growing Marijuana for recreational use, bringing it in-line with current Canadian medicinal-use laws.

Buying Marijuana seeds online is completely legal and permitted in Canada from trusted, registered seed banks. However, importing them into Canada from a foreign country, can lead to the company being prosecuted. Because of this, many seed banks will not send their Cannabis or Marijuana seeds to Canada.

Registered company’s with a physical Canadian address may sell and distribute Marijuana seeds online. Both Crop King and Seedsman offer direct shipping to all parts of Canada, with years of experience and thousands of happy, satisfied customers.

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Canada.

Since the legalization of Marijuana in Canada, new retail outlets have opened across the country, many centered around British Columbia and the United States border. Offering a selection of high-quality buds and strains, they are the best place to buy Marijuana in Canada.

However, when it comes to buying Marijuana seeds to grow your own buds, the choice is far more limited. Some shops and dispensaries may stock a selection of strains, but with almost 2,500 different varieties, from hundreds of registered breeders, it would be impossible for them to stock them all.

The best place to buy Marijuana seeds in Canada is online, from a registered and trusted seed bank. They provide a much wider choice of fresh, high-quality seeds, often with discounts on larger purchases and free-seed giveaway’s.

How To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Canada.

Buying Marijuana seeds in Canada can be quick, easy and completely secure, when you buy from a trusted seed bank. Both Crop King and Seedsman have successfully provided Marijuana seeds for sale across Canada for many years, building reputations and a successful following.

With such wide and diverse collections, you’re sure to find the best Marijuana seeds for sale to suit your needs. From recreational strains with strong, powerful THC levels, to medicinal strains, offering natural pain-relief and an increased CBD content. Find all the best Autoflowering and Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale in Canada online.

Both Crop King and Seedsman offer a selection of secure payment methods. Choose from Bank transfer, Credit and Debit card facilities, Cash or Bitcoin to pay for your purchase.

Find all the help and support you may require to produce your own successful harvest. Read current, accurate strain reviews to help you find the right seeds for your experience level and cultivation methods.

With grow guides, tips and articles, find all you need to know about growing Marijuana in Canada.

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