Cookies Chill CBD 2.1 Feminized

Feminized Seeds

Cookies Chill CBD 2:1 Feminized Seeds

Heavy yielding medicinal strain with elevated CBD levels.

Cookies Chill CBD Feminised

Cookies Chill CBD 2:1 Feminized Cannabis seeds were created by Seedsman for the Medicinal Cannabis user. A strain with high CBD levels and a lower than average THC content, it is easy to grow and perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques.

A 3-way hybrid strain, the mother plant was a cross between a pure Girl Scout Cookies and an L.A. Confidential. The male, a top-performing Seedsman CBD strain. The resulting seeds are completely feminized, guaranteed to produce pure female plants.

While recreational users prefer stronger THC levels. Many medical users are looking for Cannabis strains with a reduced THC level. Incorporating a more powerful CBD content.

An easy-to-grow Cannabis plant with enhanced levels of CBD and a low THC content. Cookies Chill CBD 2:1 Feminized seeds are perfect for those users looking for buds with a higher-than-average medicinal value. While inducing only mild psychoactive effects.

Adaptable to both indoor and outdoor growing methods, Cookies Chill CBD 2:1 requires only a small, limited amount of vegetative time. Flowering begins once the plants begin to receive 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness per night. Requiring between 70 – 75 days to achieve peak maturity.

A mix of both Indica and Sativa, the Feminized seeds produce strong plants with a close branching structure and a multitude of budding sites. Large, dark green leaves and thick stems make it an ideal candidate for Sea-of-Green growing techniques.

Like many of the latest CBD strains, yields are impressive. Cultivated indoors under good conditions, Cookies Chill CBD 2:1 Feminized Cannabis seeds can produce between 400 – 500 grams of top-quality buds per square meter. Outdoor growers in warm climates can generate up to 1000 grams of usable buds per plant.

Cookies Chill CBD 2:1 Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

CBD Feminized seeds produce plants almost identical to traditional Cannabis seeds. The buds have a similar appearance, flavor and aroma as the parent strains, with the main differences being the levels of THC and CBD.

These special, medical-grade Cookies Chill CBD 2:1 Feminized seeds, produce high-quality, dense buds with an earthy, lemon flavor and fruity-Kush aroma.

THC levels are between 7% – 9%, with a CBD content of 15% – 17%. Enjoy a warm, relaxing sensation, with a wide selection of medicinal benefits.

A great choice of strain for those people wanting to grow their own, natural, CBD-rich Cannabis buds.

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Cookies Chill CBD 2:1

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