Diet Durban THCV Feminized

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Diet Durban THCV Feminized Seeds

A new Cannabis strain offering equal levels of both THC and THCV.

Diet Durban THCV Feminised

Although THC and CBD are the two, most well-known Cannabinoids contained within Cannabis strains, there are many others. Research and development into these compounds are beginning to show how each affect users in different ways. THCV is one of these elements. It is thought to induce a higher, more cerebral, stimulating effect on the brain.

These new and exciting Diet Durban THCV Feminized Cannabis seeds offer equal measures of both THC and THCV. Sativa dominant, they induce an uplifting, creative high, long-lasting and stimulating.

Created by Seedsman and completely Feminized. Every seed is guaranteed to produce the highest quality female plant. Perfect for cultivating indoors and outside, Cannabis growers in Canada are recommended to place their seeds within a greenhouse if they wish to grow outdoors.

A tall, Sativa dominant strain, flowering times vary between 56 – 70 days depending upon growing conditions. Cultivated outdoors in a warm climate, the plants can become tall, with heavy buds and generous harvests. Growers in cooler climates are advised to grow Diet Durban THCV Feminized Cannabis seeds indoors to achieve the biggest and best quality harvests.

Although the buds contains unique, equal amounts of THC and THCV, the plants are easy to grow, with identical needs to more traditional strains. A short vegetative period, under an 18/6 on-off cycle often produces the best growth. Before altering the light-cycle to a traditional 12/12 on-off flowering regime.

Highly adaptive to many techniques, Diet Durban THCV Feminized seeds need little previous knowledge or experience to produce a high-quality, successful harvest. A perfect choice for growers of all levels of experience, requiring only a basic understanding of growing Cannabis, care and effort.

Diet Durban THCV Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

With THC levels of 14%, these Diet Durban THCV Feminized Cannabis seeds may not seem like the most potent Sativa strain. However, the balanced mix of approximately 7% of both THC and THCV produce surprising results.

Sativa dominant strains are known for their strong, cerebral effects, which are amplified due to this strains cannabinoid genetics. Expect a fast-acting, stimulating high. Extremely cerebral and lucid. It produces a dreamy, happy state.

The pine and citrus flavor is aromatic and appealing, filling the air with a fruity woodland scent. Its 2% CBD content adds to the uplifting effects, reducing stress, tension and anxiety.

Highly recommended for recreational users. Ideal for day-time use and helping to reduce mental issues and conditions such as PTSD.

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Diet Durban THCV

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