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Strawberry Banana Feminized Seeds

An explosion of fruity flavors and cerebral effects.

Strawberry Banana Grape Feminised

Strawberry Banana Feminized Cannabis seeds are a Sativa dominant strain with an explosion of fruit flavors. Completely stable, every seed is guaranteed to produce a pure female plant.

Created from a mix of Strawberry, Grape and Banana OG, the plants are very easy to grow, perfect for all levels of experience. A highly successful Cannabis strain, it can can grow exceedingly tall when cultivated outdoors over the course an an entire growing season.

Given a warm, Mediterranean climate, Strawberry Banana Feminized seeds can reach between 200 – 300 cm tall when fully mature. Cultivated outdoors in Canada, growers may wish to consider using a greenhouse for added protection against the colder night-time temperatures.

Per-plant yields average between 600 – 800 grams of good quality dried buds. However these outdoor harvests depend upon conditions, environment and individual growing methods.

The best quality Strawberry Banana Feminized plants are often cultivated indoors. With greater environmental controls, the plants can be grown to their maximum potential.

Due to the strain’s Sativa dominance, the plants can stretch considerably during the first weeks of flowering. Techniques such as the Screen-of-Green cultivation method can help to reduce future height issues, as well as helping to increase harvests, forming a more even canopy with multiple budding sites.

After a short vegetative period, Strawberry Banana Feminized Cannabis seeds can be sent to flower. Adjust your light-cycle to a standard 12/12 on-off regime to achieve the best bud sizes and quality. Indoor flowering times average between 60 – 65 days, while outdoor growers will have to wait until early October to harvest their plants.

With good environmental controls, care and attention, both indoor and outdoor yields can be impressive. Easy to grow, Strawberry Banana Feminized Cannabis seeds are perfect for all levels of experience.

Strawberry Banana Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

If it’s intense fruity flavored buds you want to enjoy, these Strawberry Banana Feminized Cannabis seeds are a perfect choice. Both indoor and outdoor growers can enjoy impressive yields of potent, Sativa dominant buds.

THC levels of 15% – 20% induce a cerebral, euphoric high, leaving you feeling happy, uplifted and creative. A great strain for day time use, it can invigorate the body and motivate the mind.

A social strain, with a relaxing sensation, great for enjoying with friends, it produces a happy vibe and creative conversation.

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Strawberry Banana

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